Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Just a quick update before we leave the country.

Our final evening in this great nation of ours was spent well. We went to the place of its foundation, saw Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, tipped our symbolic hats and said adieu by eating a cheeseburger. We leave for Africa tomorrow with the other 34 members of our training group to begin our training. The last two days have been spent getting to know what the Peace Corps is and who we will be spending our time with, both of which we are truly pleased with and excited about. This is the point where our contact becomes a bit sporadic, but we will let everyone know how the elephant caravan to our training center goes as soon as we get the chance.

Much Love,

Jay and Hil

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Countdown

Well we are upon it. Less than 48 hours and we will be on our way to staging...less than a week and we'll be sitting in a room somewhere in Swaziland. Packing proved to be an obstacle in and of itself that was matched only by the distress of losing our address book. Still not found we have 2 days to replace the addresses...don't be sad if you don't get a letter for a while. Anyhow, with anticipation we await our departure.