Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Shame

I would say I'm sorry but saying sorry denotes that a change might occur. A change which I can make no promises, will come about. We may or may not write in the near future. That said we remain in Africa and continuously enjoy all the ups and downs that life brings. Hilary has now fully recovered from bronchitis. They thought it was swine flu (which would have followed the "s" pattern of all her other illnesses) but alas it was just a nasty cough that brought on an asthma attack. Hilary doesn't even have asthma, so let this be a warning to EVERYONE out there, you are not exempt. I personally believe doctors everywhere should distribute inhalers "just in case." She had to stay in town for a week but was extremely happy to return home Sunday. Jay's partnership proposal is in the works. It's now posted on the Peace Corps website so if you feel the need to donate you can go to and we think, search for Jay Jackson among the Peace Corps Partnerships. If you have trouble figuring it out email us and maybe we can talk you through it. I'll keep this one short and sweet. We miss you all and hope life has been kind to you. Steer clear of swine flu and enjoy the fall...we hear it's been a hot summer. Until the next time.