Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Getting Comfortable...

Just wanted to let you all know we have survived our first two weeks at site with ease. We couldn't be happier with our community/home/family. We've been busy setting up house but alas we think we are nearing the end. Jay has been building hanging shelves for our kitchen and "bathroom" and Hilary crocheted/tied reeds together for a fruit basket. Needless to say we've been giving the Swazis lots of good home improvement ideas. Moms and dads thank you so much for the packages. Jacksons, it's true, the seed package finally arrived and not a moment too soon as we have just repaired our garden fence and were planning to plant Thursday. We miss you all enormously and will write more exciting news soon...until then Salani Kahle (Stay well)- Hil and Jay

p.s. Tasha my email is hilcjackson@gmail.com
p.s.s. this is the view from our front door...jealous much?