Friday, July 18, 2008

Walala Wasala, "you snooze you lose"

A foreign concept here due to the symphony of animal sounds the Africa night brings. Don't let that give you romantic notions of roaring lions and trumpeting elephants. No my friends, even lions wouldn't tread on the ground of these barnyard animals gone bad. After a night of lunar serenades, the dawn generally breaks with a climactic encore, featuring none other than Pavarati, the warbling rooster; who seems to have swallowed a new bag of marbles every night. Thus the daily soundtack ensues, and what a joyful compilation it is. Today we shop for the food we begin cooking for ourselves tomorrow. Though we've enjoyed the immersion into the local maize cuisine, we look foward to the freedom ou own stove povides. One of the most delightful discoveries we've made here in the Likotapeni. What some of you westerners would recognize as the beloved avocado, only 3x's the size and 1/8 the price, or free if your family grows them along with fresh bananas and oranges. GLORIOUS!! Oh, the little joys of life!


EJ said...

Hey loved ones- So fun to here about life on your new home front. Put a package in the mail early this week that included many types of seeds. Dad went overboard, as usual, at the nursery. Hope they get there so you will some day have Texas produce to share. Love & miss you both!

Alex and Kelly said...

"you westerners"?!?! Sheesh, y'all are gone for a month and suddenly we're "you westerners."

Pavarati's gonna get you for that one. ;-)

Glad to hear life is a constant source of amusement and new challenges! What a blessing! As you might be able to tell from the last post's comments, that letter I sent may or may not make it anytime soon. ;-)