Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Miss the Rains.

Hello to our long lost friends and Family. We are still alive and well here in Swaziland despite the prolonged silence. We have been spending most of our time in our community separated from these strange machines, so it has been difficult to keep in touch. That is unless you have dusted off the old pen and paper to see if you still remember how to write (or if you call us on our cell phone the writing just makes it seem further away). Life is wonderful in our new village. The rains have finally made their debut bringing an excitement in the air and personally a long sought after insight into Toto's* inspiration. These rains have brought new meaning to the term thunderstorm as we sit quietly in our hut staring out the window at the worlds greatest disco party while praying not to be a part of it. Jay actually received an appetizer when he was mysteriously shocked while stirring an enormous pot of tortilla soup. Yes we have brought Tex-Mex to Swaziland. We will soon wrap up our "getting to know you" period of our service and are looking forward to starting some tangible projects. Until the next time.

*Toto was a band that played a song in the 1980s for those of you fortunate enough to not know.

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joli said...

Why is it though when that song emerges on your radio dial I wan to sing really loud. Don't deny it Hil, I can't say for Jay. It brings such inspiration as do you two. I am glad you are making them some tex-mex seems you can't get away from it any where and now in Swaziland! Love you guys keep up the good work and OUCH Jay!