Friday, February 27, 2009

Not all fun and games.

Despite what many of you are thinking after reading the previous blogs, we do actually work...some. Though it's not your usual 8-5 or even 8-noon job, we like to think of our work in terms of everyday living. Living, to some degree is after all work. It's hard to wake up to roosters chortling, turkeys gobbling (or rather laughing, jay believes at him and his inability to wake up easily), get out of bed, discuss whether or not to go running, make some breakfast, have a nice fresh cup of french press coffee (hint we can make coffee so ground coffee is a nice surprise), do some reading, chit chat with boGogo, do some laundry (not easy to do i promise), walk down to the garden, say hi to the neighbors or rather "sanibonani", and all this most the time before 9am. There's any number of events that might consume our time for the rest of the day. For a couple of months now Jay has been busy germinating fruit trees with the hopes of encouraging the community to plant orchards or start a nursery. Together we have been visiting homesteads, delivering bean seeds, (kinda like a door to door salesman, but not) trying to convince people to diversify their crops. We've also been meeting with the local youth clubs and teaching health/lifeskills at the high school. Hilary gets anxiety from this as you all can only imagine her standing in front of a group of 80 high schoolers, age range from 16 to 28. Yes you can go to high school forever here. Hilary has been working with the local women to start a sewing co-op, among other things. And of course, throughout all the work we're doing we are building relationships and discussing some of the more complicated issues invloving HIV/AIDS, which is, after all, our purpose in being here.


A/K said...

What a life! I'm so impressed with all the work you're doing. You two are changing so many lives. Thinking of you always!

Love from Texas,
Alex and Kelly

The Le Unit said...

Keep saving the world guys. We really admire what you're doing and can't wait to see you over a couple bottles of Shiner and hot queso when you're back. Hope you had a great birthday Hil.

The Le Unit