Friday, May 8, 2009

More Fruit

Ok so Hilary didn't do such a great job as videographer in this one but 'Hey, We're in Africa' so cut her some slack. You probably need to stretch your neck out anyhow...just tilt it a little to the left. Anyhow, above you'll find our next big adventure...Bee Keeping. Jay has now completed 2 trap boxes, smaller than the normal boxes and used simply for catching them. The top of this box is made up of 7 topbars that run the length of the box. Once a colony has moved in and gotten to work (and it's no longer winter, they don't like the cold so you can't move them) you take the middle top bar and move it to the big box which has 21 topbars. And that my friends is how you begin a bee box. More on that later but for now you get the jist...we hope! So we ran this box up into the mountain where we had earlier located a hive in the side of a dirt wall. We placed honey on the middle top bar and then put the box in a safe, hidden place and apparently the bees smell (sense) the honey and start buliding away. Why bee keeping you ask? Because fresh honey is DELICIOUS, besides the botulism of course, kidding...kind of. No, but actually our community has just taken bee keeping up as a new project so we figured it'd be easier to help them out and keep them motivated if we were also keeping bees. Sounds easy but we'll see. Hope you guys enjoyed the last video as well as this one! Potentially one more on the way.

Some more activities around the homestead.

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